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Mike Gaddis

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06/04/19 12:34 PM #1    

Mike Compton

Sad to hear about Mike.  He was a member in good standing of the "MIKE" CLUB.  Mike was a nice guy and had a good sense of humor.  He took a lot of teasing in junior high and for the most part took it in good stride & would never let anyone know it hurt him inside (it did).  I remember having him in a gym class.  He always tried hard and never gave up.  I was at his house a couple of times and remember talking to his mother more than once.  His Mom was one of the nicest people I have ever met and she opened up to me about how Mike felt about all the teasing he took.  Needless to say I never felt the same way about Mike ever again.  I always liked Mike and treated him with respect.  He was a much better person than a lot of us will ever know.  We all have our faults, but some of us went out our way to give Mike a hard time.  For those of you in this category; I believe you owe the memory of Mike a BIG APOLOGY.   I wish Mike and his family the very best.  Mike was among the kindest and most decent people I ever met.   I say to any of my classmates who may take offense by this post I ask them to remember the way some of us treated others.  We all could have done better (myself included).  I probably could have been a better friend to Mike and shoud have; for that I apologize.  God bless Mike and his family. 

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