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Bob Haggard

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11/05/13 04:47 PM #1    

Venita Saunier (Stewart)

Bobby passed on April 20th, 2013.  He had battled cancer for 3 years.  He was a loving husband & father.

He is survived by his wife Tami and children Caleb, Naomi & Rachel. 

04/03/14 01:32 PM #2    

Mike Compton

I was sorry to hear that Bobby passed.  My condolences to his family.  Bobby was a kind soul with a great sense of humor.  Being around Bobby was never dull.  He could make you laugh and did so often. His Dad and my Dad both worked for the Post Office and car pooled.  We were at eachother's homes quite often.  Lester (his Dad) was a fine man and loved to spend time with Bobby.   Jewel (his step mother) was one of the hardest working ladies I ever met.  She always welcomed me into their home. 

My earliest memory of Bobby was in kindergarden.  Bobby, Scotty Vaughn, and myself were always having fun. Bobby was always up to some kind of mischief.  We both went to Southwest school and shared the same home room most years.  We were in Ms. Bland's home room.  One time he told Ms. Bland he was sick and asked to go to the restroom.  She finally let him after several minutes.  On the way out the door Ginny Griffin challenged Bobby and told him he was faking "it".  Bobby showed her different.  The last time I spent any length of time with Bobby was in OK kids.  We were both on the Cubs and our Dad's were the coaches.  He was a great and loyal teammate.  I know of several times over the years that Bobby would take the rap for someone else even when he didn't do something.  He was that kind of a guy.  If you were Bobby's friend he would stand by you even if that meant being punished for something he didn't do.

I do owe Bobby an apology.  I was in his World History class and witnessed him being assaulted/bullied by a teacher.  I did nothing to help Bobby and for that I hope Bobby will forgive me.  I remember to this day how furious Lester (Bobby's Dad) was about the incident.  The teacher should count his lucky stars that Lester was not a violent man. 

I didn't spend much time with or around Bobby after OK kids.  I read that he had a wife and children.  I am glad for him and hope he found the happiness he deserved.  I know he was a good husband and father. I will consider Bobby a friend for eternity.  God bless Bobby and God bless his family.     


Mike Compton

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